So you want to know a lil’ about us do ya? Well here’s the scoop;

In 2002 a few guys met on an internship in Cozumel, Mexico. Selling t-shirts to tourists, that was the name of the game. They were so successful that when the internship was over, they decided to make some of their own shirts that portrayed what they were all about…and just some they thought were funny. Why the name “Offside”? Well, that guy that jumps offsides in football, or is called offsides in soccer or any other sport for that matter that has that offside rule has one thing in common. They’re pushing the limits. Ok, so they may get a penalty called on them or have some other undesireable result, but in the end, that guy..or girl is just going for it. That’s how we feel about life at Offside….sometimes you just gotta go for it. If you don’t you may regret it later.

So after several years of pushing their t-shirt lines and working other full time jobs, they decided to go for it and bring everything in house and make all the shirts themselves. Why let someone else get covered in colorful ink and have all the fun? So with a couple successful and funny t-shirt lines already out there they decided, why stop there? Let’s help others make shirts and other apparel that represents who they are…or want to be….or whatever. And that’s where we are today, making funny shirts, printing for businesses, professional sporting teams, moms and pops, and that kid down the street who just wanted a cool shirt.