What can we screen print on? Shirts (infant to adult), sweatshirts, sweat pants, tote bags, scarves, aprons, athletic jerseys, and just about any article of clothing you wear.

Screen Printing prices vary depending on the type of shirt or item, quantities, and the number of ink colors desired.

Contact us for exact pricing. Please have the following info ready.

* Quantity and sizes of shirts
* Color of shirts
* Location(s) of the design or words (front, back, sleeve, left chest, etc)
* Number of different colors per location (Example: Left chest 2 colors, back 1 color)

Turn around time:
We typically can get your product done in 5 business days or less once the artwork/design is approved. Items that have to be special ordered or that are not in stock may take a little bit longer. If you need it done faster, we’ll work Saturdays if we need to just to meet your deadline.

Additional Screen Printing Stuff
The Process A-Z (Quick Version)
A design is created in Adobe Illustrator (AI file) to ensure that it is outlined (vectorized) and reviewed to ensure that everything is sharp and size correctly. The final design is printed on a transparency and then placed on a screen that has a special photo chemical on it called emulsion. The screen with the design is placed into an exposure unit to shoot a UV light through the screen. After a short time the transparency is removed and the screen is shot with high pressure water, revealing the image that was on the transparency. The screen is then dried, put on the screen printing press, aligned, and after adding some ink, is ready to print onto whatever item is being printed on. The ink on the item is then heated to a specific temperature to ensure that the design does not wash out and prevent cracking.

We manage to help businesses with their printing needs with a leasing of the machinery, Businesses should learn more about leasing a copier for a easier and faster use.

We also work with several type of papers like the ones Below. 

90-gsm paper
The 90-gsm paper falls into the uncoated paper category, and is a natural, wood-free paper, which is not subjected to any chemical treatments. It is ideal for printing large quantities of text, producing a relatively light and thin printed document. It can be used in either a white or ivory colour for the inside pages of books and for printing documents or headed paper.

130-gsm paper
Paper with a grammage of 130 gsm is suited to reproducing high-quality colour images and is perfect for printing glossy magazines, brochures, posters and folded flyers. It is relatively resistant to ageing and can have either a matt or gloss finish.

170-gsm paper
A relatively light paperboard, which ensures a pleasant texture and excellent colour rendering and is ideal for printing catalogues, presentations, certificates and posters. It is available in coated, environmentally friendly or recycled versions, and can be given a gloss, satin or matte finish, depending on the type of paper.

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