Custom Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are the perfect and cost effective way to get your message across or just to simply decorate. From store hours, to the walls in the baby’s room to vehicles, vinyl lettering/logos will stick to just about anything and are easy to apply. The vinyl comes in a variety of colors and can be cut into almost any size.

What do I need to know about vinyl letters and logos?

1) Two ways to cut it:
The design is cut into the vinyl in one of two ways, normal and reverse cut. A normal cut is when the adhesive is on the backside of the design allowing you to put the logo or lettering on the let’s say, a wall. A reverse cut is used most commonly when putting the vinyl on the inside of a window that’s not tinted. It protects it a little bit from the elements that may cause cracking or peeling.

2) Life of the vinyl
We use a high quality vinyl that in normal conditions outside should last at least 5 years. Indoors can last longer. Slight fading of the color may occur if in constant sunlight but it should not be very noticeable. Please be sure to clean the area thoroughly before applying the vinyl as particles underneath can compromise the long lasting “stickiness”. Eventually time will take it’s toll on the vinyl and like most things in life, it will need to be replaced.

3) How do I apply the vinyl sticker?
The design is on it’s original paper and has a special tape over the top of it. When you pull off the tape (carefully) the design comes with it, exposing the adhesive side to the vinyl. Carefully line up the design and stick it to the desired location that you have previously cleaned and is not wet. Rub the entire design with a credit card, ruler, or something of that nature then pull off the tape. The adhesive of the tape is not as strong as the adhesive of the vinyl so your design is left behind right where you wanted it.

4) Can the vinyl be removed easily once applied?
“Easily” seem to be different for everyone but for most applications it’s not very hard. Glass is probably the easiest. With the use of a razor blade the vinyl can be scraped off. Once off, simply use a window cleaner and paper towel to remove any excess adhesive. Walls can be a little bit more tricky and a razor blade is not recommended unless you’re planning on painting the walls. If painting is not part of the plan, you will have to pick at the design or letters with your nails. Sometimes it will come off suprisingly “easy” and other times it requires some work. Paint may come up depending on the type of paint used, how many layers of paint are on the wall, and how careful you are. Don’t just rip it off, take it slow and easy.

What colors does the vinyl come in?
We stock all the main standard colors that one would expect. If you need one that we don’t have, we are happy to special order in the color that you need.

Contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.