This isn’t your mom’s old iron-on…

Dye-sublimation is a decoration process that uses heat to dye synthetic fabrics like polyester. Your design is printed with transfer paper with dye-sublimation ink. The artwork and garment are heated and pressed together at 400 degrees. At that temperature the specialty ink transfers from the paper to the fabric in the garment. For the best results with dye-sublimation use a white 100% polyester fabric. Dye-sublimation decoration will not wash out. it might fade slightly over time but no more so than any other type of garment decoration.

Benefits of dye-sublimation

  • Full color artwork at no additional cost
  • Most affordable option for low quantities
  • Can decorate ceramic, wood, metal, glass, and more

Drawbacks of dye-sublimation

  • Only works with synthetic fibers like polyester
  • Limited to light colors, best results using white
  • Very little difference in pricing with larger quantity orders

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